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About Us

TimePay® for Societies

TimePay® is a Smart Society application for managing various requirements of Societies, and communities transacting in a single ecosystem. TimePay® empowers societies and members with apartment management, merchant integration, payment gateway and property management solution in a single platform.

The solution provides below modules to the end users

  • Society Administration
  • Maintenance Management
  • Vendors relations
  • Tenant management
  • Security solution
  • Accounting and reporting
The application has been built with highly secured banking platform and delivers comprehensive solution to,

  • Society Operators: Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Facility Management company, Managing committee
  • Merchant Service Providers: Doorstep vendors, Local merchants, Property agents
  • Society Members: Owners, tenants, families and other members
TimePay® for Business

Timepay® redefines the way digital transactions are being delivered. It creates a digital transformation for the Merchants and at the same time integrates all the services in a smart ecosystem for the Users.

NPST believes in providing the most advanced technology to the owners of service provider who cannot afford the solution and create the technical prowess in the existing ecosystem. This will result in immediate business acquisition and increase in revenue potential for all the merchants.

At the same time, we firmly believe that the services need to be consolidated in a single application and the entire service delivery needs to be managed smartly through the Business Intelligence.