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EVOK - Merchant Payment Solution

About Evok

TimePay Evok is an API based Payment platform empowering business with flexibility of real-time transactions and innovative payment channel integrated with real time reconciliation.


Real-time reporting and payment status
Low operating cost
Easy integration
Real-time reconciliation
Reduced risk of fraud and improved security with robust payment authentication features.
Enables instant settlement
Provides friction-less payment checkout experience
Prevents data entry errors
About Evok

Static QR

Empowering Digital Payments with Scan & Pay Solution

QR Code-based interface enables customers to make payments using mobile phones, making it a preferred channel to expedite and grow business through Mobile payments. It enables easy, quick, and secure option to customers.

Standard QR
Transaction processing
Invoice & Receipts
Transaction status and Real-time reconciliation
Complaint management
Facilitates payment through any UPI App

Dynamic QR

Making digital payments simple and error-free

A dynamic QR code is a QR code with a short redirection URL encoded in it. It helps merchants accept contactless and error-free payments from customers using any UPI app. A merchant can generate the dynamic QR code from their Billing POS/System for a specific order and must pass the order-specific information such as Order ID, Order Amount, etc. while generating the code. User payment received for every QR will automatically reconcile the payment

Unique QR Generation
Transaction processing
Invoice & Receipts
Transaction status and Real-time reconciliation
Complaint management
Control on the order amount
Facilitates payment through any UPI App

Accepting payments made simple

We offer QR POS Solution for each of your business needs, ensuring accepting payments securely,reliablyand conveniently.

Timepay’s IOT enabled Soundbox is an audio assisted smart device which provides instant notifications when you receive payment.

Encrypted Transaction
Mobility and Portability
Real-Time Broadcast
Adjustable Volume
Supports QR Payments

App that manages society facilities!

Facilitate access to societies for monitoring and managing FMS partners

Tracking Common area maintenance
Performance matrix of staff and society
Monitoring Society Member Complaints
Monthly billings to society
Interface for FMS team

Accept Real-time Payments with UPI

UPI ID is a unique identification of a person in UPI payments. It is used by the banks to enable payment transfer. UPI ID is also known as the Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

With Evok, collecting UPI payments is as easy as it can get. The process is simple where merchant can send the collect request to the customers on their UPI ID. On receiving collect request, customer accepts and completes the transaction by entering UPI PIN. This enables real time payment at counter and online system.

Quick, Easy Integration
Real-time payment settlement
Best Success rates
Developer Friendly API
Supported by all UPI Apps
Real-time reconciliation
Secure Transactions

Seamless Recurring Payments with UPI-Autopay powered by TimePay

With UPI Autopay customers can now enable recurring e-mandate using any UPI application for any recurring payments. It is a simple method to manage regular payments such as insurance premiums, SIPs, loan instalment collections, etc which allows merchants to transact freely with confirmed payment commitment for the future dates.

Benefits for Customers
Modify/ Revoke/ Pause Option available for changing the orders placed as and when required.
Easy Transfer of Payments
Eliminates manual payment
Secure and easy way to do recurring payments
Transaction Receipts
Timely payments avoiding late fees/ penalty.
Benefits for Merchants
Customer identification and verification
Transaction Processing and Real-Time Reconciliation
Ensure timely payments from the customers
Customer satisfaction and customer retention leading to increased customer base
Better customer service
Multiple channel integration – SMS, WhatsApp, TimePay App, E-mail, Merchant platform

Why Evok?

Safe & Secure Payment

Security with complete encryption as per NPCI standards

Easy Integration

Easy to integrate and supports payment via other UPI apps

User-friendly Interface

Intelligence driven user interface with latest technology

Complied with Data Privacy

Data privacy covered as per banking and regulatory compliance

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support team for technical disputes

High Availability Infra

High industry uptime for users and Merchants.

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